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Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 2 months ago

FrontPage FrontPage ! Welcome to Project: Best Summer Ever 2006!

P:BSE '06 runs from May 19th to August 21st

About P:BSE




Julia (36,300)

Nicole (35,775)

Lance (22,600)

Amber (26,250)

Michelle (17,600)

Shannon (17,400)

Addison (15,650)

Aaron (9,650)

Netty (1,000)



+50 Points For All Missions If Documented

Click through the links for details and how to get bonus points

1.Watch A Championship Game (300)

2.Beat A Video Game (500)

3.Watch Pirates of the Carribean (300)

4.LAN Party (200)

5.Get Sonic Drinks (100)

6.Buy Garage Sale Stuff To Wear (300)

7.Have A Picnic (200)

8.Play A Boardgame (150)

9.Make T-Shirts (200)

10.Go To A Professional Game (300)

11.Storm Chase (300)

12.Finish A Big Project (300)

13.Go To A Live Concert (300)

14.Have A Movie Fest (300)

15.Have A TV Show Mararthon (300)

16.Visit Somebody (400)

17.Fireman Pic (200)

18.Go to A Mall (100)

19.Eat Out (50)

20.Watch A Sunrise (150)

21.Watch A Sunset (150)

22.Wear Jerseys (50)

23.Get Fancy Drink (50)

24.Have A Food Fest (300)

25.Coffee House Day (200)

26.Write A Story (300)

27.Visit A Factory (300)

28.Dye Hair (100)

29.Humorous Location Pic (150)

30.Watch A Race (300)

31.Celebrate July 4th (300)

32.Get Ice Cream (200)

33.Visit A Kool-Aid Stand (200)

34.Go to An Amusment Park (200)

35.Read A Book (200)

36.Watch A Parade (300)

37.Have A Sleep Over (300)

38.Watch Shooting Stars (300)

39.Catch Fireflies (200)

40.Watch A Little League Game (300)

41.Temp Pic (200)

42.Jump Day (300)

43.Have A Dinner Party (300)

44.Paint A Painting (200)

45.Go To A Renaissance Festival (200)

46.Go Camping (200)

47.Play A Sport (200)

48.Go Swimming (200)

49.Go Hot Tubbing (100)

50.Go To A Zoo (200)

51.Have A BBQ (200)

52.Get A Snow Cone (200)

53.Visit A City (150)

54.Visit A State (300)

55.Make Sun Tea (150)

56.Go To A Fair (200)

57.Watch A New Movie (150)

58.Cook A New Food (150)

59.Go to a Food Festival (200)

60.Attend a Theme Party (300)

61.Visit a State Park (200)

62.Play in the Rain (200)

63.Watch a World cup match (100)

64.Finish a Mini-Project (50)

65.Water Fun (150)



If you want to join in on P:BSE '06 then drop me a comment at My Blog




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